Pricing tables – why and who

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Recent years have raised the trend of organizing sales of services and products in a new ordered manner of tables.

Why use a pricing table ? 

candycrush3While trying to promote your business or service your users can sometimes get lost. Lost between different promotions and advertisements, lost between the different options and more.
So, the first answer is of course – order. Once you organize your different plans and options in a table like manner you will also have better understanding yourself of what you can sell. There is always the option of selling your products in a classic manner and setting them apart, but when having them together next to each other they make more sense and connection to each other.

The second answer is for promotion reasons. When adding a few features or services together into a ‘Plan’ your users will appreciate the effort and the bundle built especially for them. Some features sold will make it easier to sell others (for example in Mobile gaming applications while selling one add-on in the game it will make sense to get the other as well).

You should at least give it a try! You could always make a classic list of products one under the other, why not try things differently? In certain business sectors marketing experts have already understood that selling things together and in bundles just sells more (and makes more sense to the customer).

Just try taking a few of your products or services and add them together in a bundle, write them down, add their sums and there you have your first coloumn!


Who uses Pricing tables?

Well the answer is simple… Everyone! Here are just a few examples:

  • ISP companies trying to sell their web hostingKalydo-Pricing-TryForFree
  • Mobile gaming applications for special features
  • Classified posting plans
  • Magazine sites giving their users different subscription options
  • Cellular and communications pricing plans and subscriptions
  • Facebook gaming application for features and add-ons
  • Marketing tools eg: distribution lists, Social analytic services etc.
  • Website and E-commerce generators
  • CRM solutions with different plans according to capacity
  • Website services and plugins, eg: Poll systems
  • Social websites, eg: magazines, dating, downloading engines etc. 
  • Software subscriptions – eg: Task management websites
  • Many more!


Are you convinced that you should try a pricing table as well? At we have the free solution.
Besides making it easy for you to generate and implement the designed pricing able we also provide back-office analytics that assist you to optimize your plans and tables live and on-line!

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