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So, you decided to open a Facebook entity (could be either group or page) and don’t really know how to get started.
Why even need a Facebook community? Surely you understand that today with the Facebook API capabilities out there presence in Facebook is a must. In that way, with correct viral content you will be able to lead visitors into your website over and over again (I call it the octopus method as your arms are always reached out).
My personal preferance is to open a Page and not a Group, that is because groups seem more closed and in that manner are viral to only who is a member. Although there are advantages for opening boutique groups for your B2C and some B2B customers.
Right after opening a page find the correct people to give admin rights. You need creative people that know how to write tips, create memes and find relevant articles online according to your product.
I would plan in advance between $200-$400 for initial promotion of page and in order to bring relevant page likes. If you do not have experience with sponsered ADS in Facebook acquire the skills of someone who has, as it could be a big waste of money for people with no experience in this field.

Be Unique – upload content which is created by your people, your users will appreciate that.
Identification – when uploading content try to upload relevant stuff for your people, the kind of content that every average user of yours would identify with.
Persistence and Patience! Building a viral community takes time, at first you will have little or no feedback, keep persistent and believe in what you do.
Smile! Like I always like to advise :)


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