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In this post we will show you the current designs which we have worked on and made available for our PriceFish users to use as their pricing table. Behind each design we put a lot of thought and every day we continue to plan and consult UI and UX experts in order to give our users the best options to sell their services.

It is know today that every buying process involves psychological aspects and once trying to sell on-line there is much UI and UX planning to be done. Do remember, not every web designed is a UI and UX planner! We did our best to assist our users and complete this important part for you.

What is cool about our pricing plan designs is that you can try each one at a time and in that manner actually do LIVE A/B testing for your pricing plan. You can try each time a different design and in that manner optimize the one which attracts your customers the best.
Today you can find 8 different unique designs which were tested and found to be succesful by our team.

Here are a few examples:
Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

All of these designs may be found for free as part of our service for PriceFish users and soon we will add much more.

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