PriceFish crosses 500 WordPress beta-users – Press release

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Also available on other platforms such as Wix, PriceFish is a new free service that can help you increase online sales by improving one of the most important sections of a website – its pricing page.


Since I started using PriceFish my sales have gone up 52%, believe it or not!

 After only two months of creation PriceFish managed to reach over 500 first users in their WordPress plugin. These users joined other world-wide users using individual platforms that made A/B testing for pricing pages an achievable and easy goal.

Whether selling a web service or mobile application add-ons any company or individual can increase its online sales with a correct and smart analytical page which offers the different price plans to the customer.

Especially with the rising popularity of mobile applications and the difficulty of increasing income from them, it has been understood that while dividing offered services into pricing tables and correctly implementing them in different platforms: it is possible to make much more money and monetize any business in an easier manner.

 PriceFish lets companies select multiple designs from a large collection of professionally designed pages, and then customize it to their own needs.

After creating the pages and embedding them on the website, PriceFish immediately begins to intelligently collect information about how potential customers interact with the pricing page. Having all this valuable analytics info allows for companies to optimize their pricing page based on actual performance and revenues, rather than just guessing.

 So what’s the next goal?

“After creating a group of 500 first users we will start distribution in other markets and CMS systems as well“ says Amir Hever, CEO at PriceFish, “This boutique group will enjoy advantages within time as being our first WordPress users, we will learn from them a lot how to make our product best as possible.”

 The PriceFish team is already on the verge of signing more cooperation deals with leading international companies which provide on-line generator tools.


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