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It is already well known and studied that most decision making processes of on-line buying is more emotional then rational.
Once a user is either playing Candy Crush on his mobile phone and wishing for upgrades, folding his cards in his favorite card game Facebook version or paying via Paypal for a magazine premium membership; he usually uses his feel and gut more than using his brain.

So how can you increase your sales while trying to best promote your different products and plans?

  1. Understand your customer!
    Obviously when selling Barbie dolls to primary school girls the design of the page should be accordingly. In that manner while trying to sell many upgrades to your mobile game make the final sales page designed by your user’s nature.
  2. Order, order, order!!!
    While having sophisticated options of sales and many monetization methods sometimes we get lost and try to sell them in clumsy packed web pages that just leave your customer more confused then before. What do we recommend? Organize them in tables! Any few options bundled together and shown in a table will make a lot of sense with your end user.
  3. Differentiate your bundles
    If dividing your selling plans to 3-4 different options try to really emphasize a difference between them. Don’t underestimate your user’s intelligence. Although he is really eager to buy that coconut rocket upgrade if he will feel like he is being tricked his wallet will stay closed.
  4. Plan your service
    While characterizing your game or building your monetization methods try to think in advance about how the different services and plans will be well organized. It will be very difficuly to try and invent new non-existing features for your dating site if someone pays premium and practically receives nothing.

When building PriceFish, we tried to take all of those parameters in mind. Our tool provides an option to easily organize your products into table divided bundles and choose beautiful designs on the way.
The implementation is of course on your responsibility so please, do use our tool wisely and invest your heart and mind while thinking about the implementation environment as well.

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