A/B testing

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It has recently been understood that no internet project can actually optimize its performance and conversions (if monetization is involved) without proper A/B testing models.
Whether by common tools like Google Analytics or other statistical data the mode of testing two different options and evaluating which is better before choosing the final direction is essential.

So what is A/B testing?
It’s OK, take a breath, it’s fine if you don’t really know what it is or haven’t tried it before.
Imagine the following situation:
You opened a website for your new company which provides monthly coffee services. While defining your products you understood that you may provide three different monthly services:
1. Providing a company with 50 cups of coffee every morning for 30 days.
2. Providing a company with 200 cups of coffee every morning for 30 days.
3. Providing a company with 400 cups of coffee and a bagel every morning for 30 days.

The first plan costs $200 per month, the second one costs $500 and the third one costs $1000 (I just made the numbers up so don’t blame me if they are totally inaccurate :) )

After sitting with a freelance UI, UX, GUI one man show designer which you payed him over $2000 you are ready to program your page. Taking the design to your programmer requires time and attention and cutting the design correctly and implementing it took approx. $2000 more. Once you spend all that money you have a beautiful looking landing page that sells your 3 plans to companies in the USA.

You launch your landing page with great expectations, spend some money on Facebook sponsored stories and Google Adwords optimization and….. Voila – in one month you received 3 emails which contain fake details anyway…

Have you every came across such a story? Most entrepreneurs and project managers have. What if you could try just a few different designs and patterns, different button sizes and text location until you found the best combination. Surely you could have received more than 3 fake Emails!
What if you could get that for free? Without paying the UI, UX master, spending your precious time with him and spending money on programming, advertisements on Google and Facebook and more.

A/B testing can be used in many methods while developing a website/mobile application – any page which is supposed to give back results (conversion, sales or distribution list pages for example) may require different attention according to the specific user crowd in order to achieve the most efficient option.

PriceFish was established with that motto in mind, A/B testing runs in our DNA and the idea of our product is to give you an option to smartly plan your pricing plan or sales page and optimize it as time goes by. You will understand your customers better, make more money and smile much more :)


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