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Hi there,
many website owners repeat the same mistakes over and over – especially when it comes to young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
Since our motto is OPTIMIZATION and our key objective is to assist service sellers, website owners, entrepreneurs, blog owners (and basically all people in the galaxy that wish to make money easier from their projects) I wish to tell you today about my secret tips on how to make a website popular & viral.

So, let’s start…

  1. Always go responsive! While building your website do make sure that your design/theme is responsive supported (meaning mobile adaptation).
    Millions of websites have failed in that while putting emphasize on their desktop version and forgetting that over 60% of surfers world-wide do it today via mobile device!
    Having your website adapted to that from day one will give you a big advantage. While very simple to do when planning in advance, trying to make your website responsive once it’s built and not planned is like finding an ant in a mountain of sand.
  2. Add Facebook API capability. The nice guys at Facebook understood at an early stage that they practically own the biggest social database in the internet and why not assist themselves and others as well. Stats show that when adding a FB connect button to your registration page your conversions will be fairly higher!
  3. Don’t forget to be dynamic: Selling your product or service is one thing but making people identify and trust you is another. Always try to hold some kind of dynamic updates and content. Let your customer understand that you have been in your website in the last week and that you are up to date. Giving small tips on how to use your service on a weekly basis is always something easy to do.
  4. Connect your website content to your Facebook page!
    Whether its memes, articles or just updates on your service or company – always connect your Facebook community to what is happening on your website. Your Facebook page fans are the ones most interested in these new updates. Many website owners repeat the mistake of opening a Facebook group or page and leaving it aside. Make it active!
  5. Smile while working!
    I’m not joking, this might be the most important tip. Actually I am smiling right now :) Once you love what you do and express yourself positively, your users feel it! Don’t work, program or write content in order to sell – do it because you love it and because you believe in what you are doing. I have no written statistics but I am sure that if there were they would have backed up my point.

So, in order to make you smile I decided to add the following media:

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